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Pana Partners increased their reply rate by 70%, resulting into $10,000s to $100,000s of direct ROI.

Los Angeles
Company size

The challenge

As a rapidly growing agency, Pana Partners faced a critical challenge in managing their outbound activity. Recognizing the need for a talent communications management tool, Aaron Friedman and his team set out to find a solution that would streamline their recruitment process and improve the overall candidate experience. After an extensive search and thorough comparison of HireSweet against its competitors, particularly, Pana Partners found that HireSweet stood out as the clear choice - offering a more efficient, user-friendly and effective recruitment process management solution.

The outcome

Pana Partners was able to experience a dramatic improvement in their efficiency. In a key search, they saw a substantial increase in efficiency, ranging from 70-100%, compared to their previous methods. This increased efficiency was further amplified by the ability to reach out to a large volume of potential candidates. The platform's automation capabilities, increase of efficiency and higher response rate enabled Pana Partners to conduct more exploratory calls and significantly accelerate their time-to-hire, which ultimately translated into increased revenue for the agency.

This small little tool which has a very modest subscription price can literally translate into $10,000s to $100,000s of direct ROI. That is efficiency that I've never had in my life.

Aaron Friedman
Co-Founder & Partner

Integration with Lever & LinkedIn Recruiter

Pana Partners discovered HireSweet through Lever's partnership page ”We wouldn't even have looked at HireSweet if they weren't such a great partner to Lever.”.

They now use HireSweet as their main tool for talent engagement and Lever as their primary source of truth for candidates. The integration between the two systems is crucial for their workflow, as they prefer using specialized software for each part of their process and don't want to manually duplicate information. The integration helps them maintain their focus on productivity.

$10,000s to $100,000s of additional revenue

”For a recruiting agency, we get paid the big bucks when we make the placement” explains Aaron. So the faster we could be, the more hires we make - that's the key”. Using HireSweet, Pana is able to generate ”20, 30, 40 more exploratory calls” for each search. This also means that recruiters at Pana can manage twice a many missions at the same time: ”That is efficiency that I've never had in my life.”

70-100% more replies

Pana Partners saw an increase in efficiency and response rate from potential candidates when using HireSweet. They were able to communicate with candidates through multiple channels, including LinkedIn and email, and had the ability to go omni-channel, resulting in major improvements in response rate. Response rate went from about 20-25% using other tools to 37-38% with HireSweet.

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