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Inato saved $90,000 in agency fees in 6 months and doubled their reply rate

New York City, Paris
Company size
Technology, Healthcare

HireSweet CRM resulted in a 100% increase in our reply rate, which has had a significant impact on reducing our time-to-hire, as we are able to bring candidates into the interview process much faster.

Stephanie Aubert
US Director, Talent Acquisition

Focus on one role: Lead Marketing

Inato was having trouble filling a Lead Marketing role, even after working with three recruiting agencies for 8 months and trying to source candidates internally. That's when they turned toHireSweet. Using HireSweet, Inato was engaged with 416 candidates and had a 28.8% reply rate, resulting in 27 replies that led to an interview process.

Pretty soon they extended a first offer that was unfortunately refused. They had enough candidates in their pipeline to extend another offer right away, and this one was accepted. HireSweet saved Inato $30,000 in agency fees in just a few months, which basically paid back for years of HireSweet subscriptions.

Integration with Lever & LinkedIn Recruiter

HireSweet's integration with Lever has been a game-changer for Inato. The integration allowed them for seamless candidate tracking, 1-click uploads, and multi-channel engagement over LinkedIn and email. It also provided Inato with better reports on their outreach activity, helping them track and optimize their recruitment efforts. 

HireSweet's Chrome extension enhances LinkedIn Recruiter, Recruiter Lite, and Sales Navigator accounts, allowing users to easily engage with candidates in multichannel sequences with just a few clicks. The extension also makes it easy to update candidate information and track LinkedIn invitations, messages, and InMails, as well as InMail replies and accepted invitations to connect.

Less work, more replies

According to Stephanie, the biggest benefit that Inato experienced was an improvement in reply rates, which she estimates at a 100% increase (”I would put it probably at a hundred percent increase”). This was achieved through HireSweet's multichannel sequences and the use of templates and best practices shared by HireSweet. Segolene, People Lead at Inato, credits HireSweet with reducing the mental workload associated with sourcing, which has made a significant impact on their recruitment efforts.

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