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We help recruiting teams keep all their prospecting activity organized, efficient and predictable.

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There is a recipe to proactive recruiting

When candidates don’t come to you, we help you bring them in. From nurturing past applicants to engaging with cold contacts, we’ve got your top-of-funnel covered.

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Trusted by 1,200+ companies worldwide

Let your talent pool work for you

Your talent pool is more than simply your past applicants. Any candidate that engaged with you in the past could be the right person this time – and they’re more likely to reply again.

Your talent pool could be up to 300X your current headcount number - how much do you really cover today?

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Helps you get more candidates



Turns candidates into employees

Greenhouse, Lever, SmartRecruiters, etc.


We don't replace your ATS. We improve it.

Applicant Tracking Systems are great at managing applicants – but they’re not always suitable for proactive companies looking to attract top talent. We're a "Pre-ATS", we work seamlessly with your ATS to help you organize more qualified interviews.

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Make sourcing the best part of your day

We help recruiters & sourcers be twice as efficient - and happy.

Automation, drip sequences, gamification, one-click imports and seamless integration with your everyday tools, you’ll finally enjoy sourcing.

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Senior Product Designer




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What HireSweet CRM can do for you


Increase in reply rate thanks to
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Hires per full-time recruiter per year


Reduction in time spent

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Sandrine Laroche

Recruiting Manager @ Lutessa

I've fallen in love with sourcing again. We went from "pain, hopelessness, frustration" to "pleasure, motivation, satisfaction, efficiency".

Maxime Perrault

Talent Acquisition Manager @ Meetic

HireSweet CRM's ROI is obvious: we get twice as many replies for the same amount of work.

Maud Grenier

HR Specialist @ PeoplePro

HireSweet Marketplace saves me a valuable sourcing time, thanks to their pool of pre-vetted talent and the strong support their Account Strategy team provides.

Mickaël Moyen-Pedone

Talent Acquisition Manager @ Meetic

HireSweet CRM is a huge help with sourcing. The tool is a real time-saver for our recruiting team.

Audrey Baron

HR Manager @ Mistertemp'

We hired 4 people with HireSweet Marketplace, including one under 24 days. HireSweet is one of our main sources every time we open up a new position.

Etienne Depaulis

Co-founder @ Lifen

We use HireSweet to involve a large part of our Software Engineers in our hiring processes, which has helped us hire on several tough roles. The tool is efficient and a real time saver!

Yann Mokoko

Global Head of Talent Acquisition & Culture @Meero

We have worked hand in hand with HireSweet for the past 5 years to hire a dozen of key people. They're one of my favorite tools to use when it comes to sourcing, mostly because of their user-friendliness.

Nicolas Bustamante

CEO @ Doctrine

10 hires in less than 12 months with HireSweet: the best tool to grow your team as fast as your revenue. Efficient.

Mélisande Vialard

HR Manager @ Affluences

We use HireSweet Marketplace mostly on our senior engineers searches and we're always positively impressed with the reply rate.

Louis Pinot

COO @ Implicity

HireSweet allows us to source highly targeted profiles for a large scope of job positions. They play a critical role in our hiring process and helped us hire four seniors profiles 60 days after we closed our Series A.

Pierre Betouin

CEO @ Sqreen

HireSweet allows us to hire highly technical candidates with surgical precision. HireSweet is our unfair advantage in the war for talent!


What's your pricing?

We charge a subscription fee per user based on users and number of contacts. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Will HireSweet integrate with my ATS?

We currently integrate with Lever, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, Workable, and many others. If your ATS is not on the list, let us know - it's probably in the pipeline

Who is it for?

The people that benefit the most from our CRM are teams that lack inbound and need to move to proactive recruiting.

Do you take care of sourcing for me?

We help you search inside your existing Talent Pool - you find the contacts, we help you get replies.

How do you differentiate from other recruiting tools?

Most tools help you perform initial outreach via email sequences. HireSweet CRM does this, and goes beyond that - such as helping you reach back to people you engaged with in the past.

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