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Inato saved $90,000 in agency fees in 6 months and doubled their reply rate

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Inato saved $90,000 in agency fees in 6 months and doubled their reply rate

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Pana Partners increased their reply rate by 70%, resulting into $10,000s to $100,000s of direct ROI.

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What's your pricing?

We charge a subscription fee per user based on users and number of contacts. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Will HireSweet integrate with my ATS?

We currently integrate with Lever, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, Workable, Teamtailor, Recruitee, Ashby and Welcome Kit. If your ATS is not on the list, let us know - it's probably on the roadmap!

Who is it for?

The people that benefit the most from our CRM are data-driven recruiting teams that lack applicants.

Do you take care of sourcing for me?

We help you search inside your existing Talent Pool or import people from LinkedIn - you find the contacts, we help you get replies.

How do you differentiate from other recruiting tools?

Most tools help you perform initial outreach via email sequences. HireSweet CRM does this, and goes beyond that - such as helping you reach back to people you engaged with in the past.